Commission yourself into illustrating history. Sure it costs, but think of the glory...
Legal Niceties and Nasties: Protection is the best remedy The Stock image Library. See if we have what you need.
Bored? Buy somthing pretty. Buy something nasty. Just give me the money.
Impress your friends; terrify your enemies. Now you can buy into the Bennett brand.

“When you need tomorrow’s
illustrations yesterday: call quite soon”

Where possible please provide the following guff:

  • a brief
  • a deadline
  • a size
  • colour / b&w / other
  • publication date

...or just send me the text to be illustrated and leave the rest until later

My fees vary, depending on the size of the job and my mood on the day, but do contact me for examples

To commission illustrations, buy original artwork or suggest a better
corporate slogan please go to the contact page, or email